Corporate Culture

The core value of an enterprise
Speed: speed first, perfection second, and problems in development are solved through development.

1. Take the market as the center Enterprises are started because there is a market. Without the market, there is no room for enterprises to survive. Therefore, all behaviors of enterprises should be market-centered. The enterprise's structure, system, process setting, and the behavior of employees should be judged by whether it is conducive to market operation. When there are contradictions and conflicts in the work, we should give priority to meeting the needs of the market or customers. Specific measures should be taken to give priority to and meet the market demand, and the measures should be set in advance as far as possible. Although there will be special ones, too many special ones will show that the original settings are not really market-centered, which will bring management confusion and on the other hand, bring survival crisis to enterprises.

2, simple, quantitative, clear responsibilities and rights Management should be efficient, low-cost, easy to remember and easy to implement, and it can only be simple-this is the criterion for judging whether we are effective when setting up systems and processes. Energy-based work and authority must be issued with quantitative indicators, which is operable and can be assessed. Without quantification, it is equivalent to laissez-faire, so it is difficult to operate, supervise and evaluate effectively. The functions performed by each position, the responsibilities and obligations to be undertaken, and the corresponding rights to be given should be clearly issued in written form in words that are not ambiguous, and should be explained to myself and informed to relevant personnel. Only in this way can the executors perform their duties effectively and efficiently. Responsibility: Opportunity comes first, salary comes second, and the return problem is solved through the development of the company.

3. Honesty, win-win and empathy Departments, colleagues, superiors and subordinates, partners and customers should be honest with each other, because only by being honest can we reach mutual trust, and it is impossible to have long-term friendship and cooperation by being clever for a while. Working together or cooperating, the best effect is win-win. In cooperation and benefit distribution, if only one party gains or the distribution is unfair, the other party's heart will be hurt. Reason will not be balanced, then there will be sequelae, it will be difficult to continue cooperation and work together, and we will not be happy together. How can I make the other party feel fair and easy to accept? The best way is to put yourself in the other person's position and consider the problem. If you can't accept it yourself, so can the other person. Honesty, win-win and empathy are not only a criterion for getting along, but also a way of doing things or thinking, which requires us to take time to cultivate and develop habits.

4, the promise must be done. Doing what you say and doing what you do are the basic principles of being a man and doing things. If the promise is not fulfilled, if it is a private matter, it will affect my credit; If it is official business, it will not only disrupt the other party's plans and cause economic losses, but also affect the credit of enterprises or departments in the long run and lose the opportunity to cooperate with customers. Therefore, in addition to insurmountable factors, we should try our best to do what we say. The promise must be fulfilled, not to say 100%. If you can fulfill most of it, others will understand the occasional delay. But if you fail to honor it many times, your credibility in the eyes of others will be greatly reduced. Commitment is because you have the conditions to fulfill the contract, that is, you are within your authority, know the background, and have the right to act at the same time. If you don't have these conditions, you should give them to those who do, and make promises on behalf of others. If you can't, you won't be the only one affected. Don't pass on promises to others for things that are within your responsibilities; Don't say that it will take three days to finish what can be done in two days. You are afraid of taking responsibility and leaving enough room unreasonably. In the end, people will be given the impression that you are inefficient and don't think of others. This promise has been made, but others are not willing to cooperate with you, or you don't need to do the job, so it is meaningless to keep the promise.

5, results-oriented Results-oriented, everything is evaluated by the final result. When we do everything, we should know what the result is. What can be done to achieve the expected results? Do things around "results". The implementation of the responsibility system within the scope of responsibility, the head of the department should be responsible for the behavior of the person directly under the jurisdiction. For the project content or function undertaken by the department, the person in charge of the department shall be responsible for taking the lead, coordinating and taking the responsibility for the final result. Only accept the advance, not the explanation afterwards. If there are difficulties with the tasks assigned by the superiors, you can ask the superiors for the necessary resources in advance, but you can't refuse to accept the work instructions or explain the reasons for the unfinished work afterwards, and you are not allowed to pass the buck. You can tolerate mistakes caused by lack of experience, but you will never tolerate irresponsible people who still have many explanations. Making repeated mistakes is a sign of serious irresponsibility. Responsibility first, then process. When there is a problem at work, it is not allowed to make excuses because there is no workflow or the workflow is unclear. We should stand on the position of "taking the market as the center", have a sense of responsibility first, deal with and solve the problem in time, report the problems that cannot be solved in time, and then sort out the process. Leading: market share comes first, profit comes second, and the profit problem is solved by the company's scale expansion.

6. Lifelong learning, if you don't advance, you will fall back In modern society, knowledge is updated by leaps and bounds, and only by continuous learning will it not be eliminated. Learning is a lifelong thing. Only by constantly learning and mastering the latest knowledge can we avoid detours and blindly "innovate". Learning is varied and varied, as long as it can help to improve and update personal quality, professional skills and systematic knowledge; If we can learn in a targeted way and learn from problems, we will have a deeper understanding. Learn systematic knowledge, learn from other people's successful experience, and think about the reasons from other people's failures; Only by mastering the law of the development of things, integrating them and using them for me can I be better than others. Learning is to work and live better, so it is necessary to apply what you have learned to reflect the results of learning, to have a deeper understanding, and to test the applicability of what you have learned. When a person has lost the ability to learn, it is not far from retirement.

7. Create more valuable products. The products developed and provided by Liangdi to users should show excellent value. The value is reflected in the following aspects, and some aspects are better than the peers in an all-round way: A, the psychological price accepted by customers B, added value C benefits gained by customers who buy or distribute my products. D, the convenience of the transaction

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