SMD LED 2835

2835 smd led is medium power patch super bright LED, has 0.2W 0.5W and 1W. since its size is 2.8 (length) ×3.5 (width) ×0.8 (thickness) mm, it is named 2835 smd led diode according to the method of naming the size of the LED chip substrate. Light flux 26-28 lumen smd led 2835 package is an upgraded product after 3014 led, better overall performance, more competitive in the market. The circuit board of 2835 is different from that of 3528, but it can also be replaced, with better brightness and heat dissipation than 3528. smd led 2835 is widely used on led strip light, led bars, led panel light Etc, nowadays, more manufacturers choose smd 2835 leds to produce lighting fixture.

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