SMD LED 3030

SMD led 3030 size: 3.0*3.0*0.55 chip, white light voltage: 3.0-3.2V Production color temperature range: 3000-8000K Package features: Silicon has always been one of the main factors affecting the quality and life of smd LED 3030. The soft silicon body used by our company has high thermal conductivity and high performance, which reduces the light decline of the lamp itself and improves the luminous efficiency. smd led 3030 features: small size, high brightness, good heat dissipation, strong reliability; Luminous Angle: 120 degrees; Welding method: suitable for all SMT type welding; Application: lighting indoor and outdoor display, photoelectric display, indicators, backlight products, etc. LED fluorescent tube, smd led bulb, smd led ceiling lamp, led panel light, smd led 3030 is widely used on all kinds of lighting fixture.

  • Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W 3030 smd ledBridgelux 1W 6V 3030 smd led

    Model Number: MY-SMD3030-1WW
    Power: 1.5W 1W
    Voltage: 3.0-3.2V/6.0-6.4V
    Current: 150MA/300MA
    Color Rendering Index: Ra>80/RA>90/RA=97

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