Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W 3030 smd led
  • Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W 3030 smd led
  • Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W 3030 smd led
  • Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W 3030 smd led

Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W 3030 smd led

Product Details:
Product Name: 6V 3030 SMD led
Model Number: MY-SMD3030-1WW
Power: 1.5W 1W
Voltage: 3.0-3.2V/6.0-6.4V
Current: 150MA/300MA
Color Rendering Index: Ra>80/RA>90/RA=97

Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Anti-Static packaging 4Kpcs/reel
Chip brand: Bridgelux/Epistar/San’an
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal,Western Union, MoneyGram,Xtransfer

Detailed Introduction

3030 smd led Features
Forward Voltage 3V 6V 9V Available
Forward Current 350mA 150mA 100mA
Color Rendering Index: RA80, RA90, RA93, RA95+, RA98
High Light Efficacy: 200LM/W+
CCT Range: 1600-1800K, 1800-2000K, 2000-2200K, 2200-2400K, 3000-10000K
Light Color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, UV, IR...
Full Spectrum 380-850nm

3030 smd led Specifications

Product Name Light Color CCT/Wavelength Voltage Current Lumen Remark
3030 LED Gold Yellow 1800-2000K 3/6/9V 350/175/100mA 120-150LM CRI80,90
3030 LED White 3000-10000K 3/6/9V 350/175/100mA 120-180LM CRI80,90,96+
3030 UV LED UV 365-370nm 3/6/9V 350/175/100mA / Epileds Chip
3030 UV LED UV 390-400nm 3/6/9V 350/175/100mA / Epileds Chip
3030 BLUE LED Blue 440-470nm 3/6/9V 350/175/100mA 12-20LM Epileds Chip
3030 Green LED Green 520-530nm 3/6/9V 350/175/100mA 70-100LM Epileds Chip
3030 Amber LED Yellow/Amber 590-610nm 2/4/6V 350/175/100mA 20-25LM Epileds Chip
3030 Red LED Red 620-630nm 2/4/6V 350/175/100mA 30-35LM Epileds Chip
3030 Far Red Far Red 660-665nm 2/4/6V 350/175/100mA 12-15LM Epileds Chip
3030 IR LED IR 730-750nm 2/4/6V 350/175/100mA / Epileds Chip
3030 IR LED IR 850nm 2/4/6V 350/175/100mA / Epileds Chip
3030 PC Blue Phosphor Blue 450-470nm 3/6/9V 350/175/100mA 15-30LM Customized WD, WP
3030 PC Green Phosphor Green 510-530nm 3/6/9V 350/175/100mA 140-200LM Customized WD, WP
3030 PC Color Phosphor Amber/Red 600-630nm 3/6/9V 350/175/100mA 50-60LM Customized WD, WP

3030 smd led chip 1

1. All dimensions are in mm 。
2. Tolerance is ±0.2mm unless otherwise noted. ,±0.2 。

Absolute Maximum Ratings (TA=25℃)

Parameter Symbol Rating Unit
Power Dissipation PD 1 W
Forward Current IF 150 mA
Peak Forward Current IFP 200 mA
Operation Temperature Range Topr -35 to +60
Storage Temperature Range Tstg -40 to +70
ESD Sensitivity (HBM) -- 2000 V
Soldering Temperature 300±20℃/3~5sec

Pulse width ≤0.1msec
Duty Ratio ≤1/10

Electrical-Optical Characteristics (TA=25℃)

Parameter Test Condition Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Forward Voltage IF=150mA VF 5.8 --- 6.5 V
Reverse Current VR=-5V IR --- --- 5 μA
View Angle IF=150mA 2θ1/2 --- 120 --- deg.
Luminous flux IF=150mA ΦV 140 --- 150 lm
Color Coordinates IF=150mA X --- 0.32 ---
Y --- 0.33 ---
Color Temperature IF=150mA CCT --- 6000 --- K
Color Rendering index IF=150mA Ra 80 --- --- ---

Note: the test tolerance
VF : ±0.05V    CCT : ±5%    XY : ±0.005    ΦV : ±10%

Typical Electrical/Optical Characteristic Curves(If=150mA;TA=25℃)

3030 smd led chip 2

CIE Chromaticity Diagram:(If=150mA;TA=25℃)CIE

3030 smd led chip 3


1. Test Items And Results

Item Test conditions Note Number of Damaged
Reflow Temp:260℃max T=10 sec 2 time 0/30
Thermal Shock -40~100℃ 30min, 10s, 30min 100cycles 0/30
High Temperature High Humidity Storage Ta=60℃,RH=90% 300hrs 0/30
Steady State Operating life Ta=25℃,IF=150mA 1000hrs 0/30
Steady State Operating life of High Humidity Heat Ta=60℃ RH=90%,IF=150mA 1000hrs 0/30
High Temperature Storage Ta=100℃ 1000HRS 0/30
Low Temperature Storage Ta-=-40℃ 1000HRS 0/30

2. Criteria for Judging The Damage

Item Symbol Test Conditions Criteria for Judgment
Min. Max.
Forward Voltage VF IF =150 mA --- Initial Data ×1.1
Luminous Intensity IV IF =150 mA Initial Data × 0.9 ---
Reverse Current IR VR = 5V --- Initial Data x2.0

Packaging Specifications

Dimensions of Tape

3030 smd led chip 4

Dimensions of Reel

3030 smd led chip 5

Packaging specifications

3030 smd led chip 6

SMT Reflow Soldering Instructions SMT

3030 smd led chip 7

1. Reflow soldering should not be done more than two times
2. When soldering, do not put stress on the 3030 LEDs during heating

Soldering iron
1. When hand soldering, keep the temperature of the iron under 300℃,and at that temperature keep the time under 3 sec.
2. The hand soldering should be done only one time,

1. Customer must finish rework within 3 sec under 300℃
2. The head of iron can not touch the resi
3. Twin-head type is preferred.


The encapsulated material of the 3030 smd LED is silicone .Therefore the 3030 LED have a soft surface on the top of package. The pressure to the top surface will be influence to the reliability of the LEDs. Precautions should be taken to avoid the strong pressure on the encapsulated part. So when using the picking the picking up nozzle, the pressure on the silicone resin should be proper.

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