SMD LED 5050

SMD led 5050 refers to the size of this SMD LED product which is 5.0x5.0mm in length and width (thickness is generally about 1.6mm); RGB5050 refers to the LED internal packaging of several grains, generally divided into single crystal, double crystal, three crystal three; Single crystal is this product only encapsulates a grain, so can only emit a color of light; Twin-crystal is a product that encapsulates two grains and emits three colors of light; Tri crystal is a product that encapsulates three grains, which are generally sealed with red, green and blue light of three primary colors, so at least seven colors of light can be emitted.

  • San’an 26-28LM 0.2W 5050 smd led diode26-28LM 0.2W 5050 SMD led diode

    Model Number: MY-SMD5050-0.2WW
    Power: 0.2W 0.5W 1W
    Voltage: 3.0-3.2V/6.0-6.4V
    Current: 60MA/150MA/300MA
    Color Rendering Index: Ra>80/RA>90/RA=97

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