San’an 26-28LM 0.2W 5050 smd led diode
  • San’an 26-28LM 0.2W 5050 smd led diode
  • San’an 26-28LM 0.2W 5050 smd led diode
  • San’an 26-28LM 0.2W 5050 smd led diode

San’an 26-28LM 0.2W 5050 smd led diode

Product Details:
Product Name:5050 SMD led diode
Model Number:MY-SMD5050-0.2WW
Power:0.2W 0.5W 1W
Color Rendering Index:Ra>80/RA>90/RA=97

Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:Vacuum packaging 4Kpcs/reel
Chip brand:Bridgelux/Epistar/San’an
Delivery Time:5-7 working days
Payment Terms:T/T, Paypal,Western Union, MoneyGram,Xtransfer

Detailed Introduction

5050 SMD LED Parameter:

Color Dominant Wavelength (nm)(k) Luminous Intensity (mcd)(lm) Viewing Angle 50% Forward Current (mA) Forward voltage
Blue 460-470nm 150mcd 120° 20mA 2.8-3.0V 0.06W
Luminous Green 510-530nm 200mcd 120° 20mA 2.8-3.0V 0.06W
Green 570-575nm 300mcd 120° 20mA 2.0-2.2V 0.04W
Yellow 590-598nm 150mcd 120° 20mA 2.0-2.2V 0.04W
Orange 600-610nm 150mcd 120° 20mA 2.0-2.2V 0.04W
Red 620-630nm 200mcd 120° 20mA 2.0-2.2V 0.04W
White 6000-7000K 800mcd 120° 20mA 2.8-3.0V 0.06W
Red+Blue 460-470nm 150mcd/200mcd 120° 40mA 2.0-2.2V/2.8-3.0V 0.1W
Red+Green 460-575nm 150mcd/300mcd 120° 40mA 2.0-2.2V/2.8-3.0V 0.1W
RGB 460-575nm 150mcd/300mcd 120° 60mA 2.0-2.2V/2.8-3.0V 0.18W
Cold White 9000K- 22-26lm 120° 60mA 2.8-3.2V 0.25W
Warm White 2500-3500K 22-26lm 120° 60mA 2.8-3.2V 0.25W


■ Package Size:5.0 (L) × 5.0(W) × 1.85 (T) mm
■ Silicone Packed
■ Suitable for different working environment
■ Super long lifetime:40000HRs
■ Anti UV
■ White colors are available in red、orange、blue、green
■ Wide viewing angle (2θ1/2=120°)

Applications OF SMD LED 5050

Indoor lighting:
Fluorescent lamp, tube, bulb etc.
Commercial illumination and displays:
Advertising words, light box
LCD Backlighting (including LED TV )
Decorative lighting: light strip
Automotive interior auxiliary lighting: reading lamp
Mobile flashlights
Luminaries lighting source: Cabinet light, corridor light

Package Outline Dimension

Remark: PartⅠis our featured product,PartⅡ is the product that is available to provide.

Recommended solder pad for MY-SMD 5050 series

Note: The tolerances unless mentioned is ±0.01 mm.

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25℃)

Parameter Symbol Rating Unit
Reverse Voltage VR 5 V
Forward Current per LED IF 25 mA
Operating Temperature Topr -20 ~ +80
Storage Temperature Tstg -20 ~ +80
Soldering Temperature Tsol 260(for 5 seconds)
Power Dissipation Pd 250 mW
Peak Forward Current

(Duty 1/10 @ 1KHz)
IFP 300 mA

Electro-Optical Characteristics(Ta=25℃)

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition
Viewing Angle 2θ1/2 ----- 120 ------ deg If=60mA
Reverse Current IR ----- ----- 50 μA VR=5V

Tolerance of Luminous Intensity is ±15%.
Tolerance of Forward Voltage is ±0.1V.

Bin Range of Luminous Intensity

Color Dominant wavelength(nm)
λD@ 60mA
Forward Voltage(V)
Vf@ 60mA
Luminous Intensity(mcd)
IV@ 60mA
Part Number
Min. Max. Min. Max. Group Min. Typ.
White 2000k 7000k 2.9 3.5 B1 18LM 26LM MY-5050W-XX
Royal Blue 455 465 2.9 3.5 C1 450 600 MY-5050RB-XX
Blue 465 475 2.9 3.5 C1 450 600 MY-5050B-XX
Green 515 535 2.9 3.5 F1 1500 2000 MY-5050G-XX
Amber 585 595 1.8 2.4 D2 900 1200 MY-5050A-XX
Orange 600 615 1.8 2.4 D2 900 1200 MY-5050O-XX
Red 620 635 1.8 2.4 D2 900 1200 MY-5050R-XX
P 395 400 3.0 3.4 D2 200 300 MY-5050R-XX

1. Please take Luminous Flux as standard parameter, Luminous Intensity is only for reference.
2.Tolerance of Luminous Intensity is ±15%.

Directive Characteristics

Reflow Temp/Time

Handing of an SMD LED 5050Should be done only when the Package has been cooled down to below 40℃ or less. This is to Prevent SMD LED 5050 failures due to thermal-mechanical stress during handing.

Reflow soldering

Temperature (top surface of the SMD LED 5050)profile:

1.Use with all SMDs
Average ramp-up rate= 4℃/sec.max.
Preheat temperature:100°~150℃
Preheat time =120sec.max.
Ramp-down rate = 6℃/sec.max.
Peak temperature = 230℃max
Time within 5℃ of actual peak temperature = 10 sec.max.
Duration above 183℃ is 60 sec.max.

2.Solder = Lead-Free
Average ramp-up rate = 4℃/sec.max
Preheat temperature:150~200℃
Preheat time =120 sec.max.
Ramp-down rate = 6℃/sec.max.
Peak temperature = 250℃ max.
Time within 5℃ of actual peak temperature =10 sec.max.
Duration above 217℃ is 60 sec.max.

Test circuit

Handling precautions

1. Over-current-proof
Customer must apply resistors for protection; otherwise slight voltage shift will cause big current change (Burn out will happen).
2.1 When necessary, cleaning should occur only with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) at room temperature (25ºC) for a dura­tion of no more than one minute. Dry at room temperature for 15 minutes before use.
2.2 The influence of ultrasonic cleaning on the SMD LED 5050 depends on factors such as ultrasonic power and the way the SMD LED 5050 are mounted. Ultrasonic cleaning should be pre-qualified to ensure this will not cause damage to the SMD LED 5050.

3. Storage
3.1 It is recommended to store the products in the following conditions
Humidity: 60% R.H. Max.
Temperature: 5℃~30℃(41℉~86℉): 5℃~30℃(41℉~86℉)
3.2 Shelf life in sealed bag: 12 month at <5℃~30℃ and <30% R.H. after the package is opened, the products should be used within 24hrs or they should be kept stored at ≦20% R.H. with zip-lock sealed.
4. Baking
It is recommended to bake before soldering when the pack is unsealed after 72hrs. The conditions are as followings:

4.1 80±3℃ x(10~12hrs) and <5%RH, taped reel type
4.2 100±3℃ x (1hr~2hrs), bulk type
4.3 130±3℃ x (45min ~1hr), bulk type

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