LED recycling-a new hot topic

Data: 2013-05-15

LED has been very environmentally friendly in its production life span, but if it can be recycled and re-used, it would be more environmentally friendly. More than 95%LED can be recycled, and recycling companies will buy the old LED with low price.

When  LED does not contain any harmful substances, it was classified as RoHS-compliant. RoHS was passed in January 2006 in the UK.It is restrictions on electrical and electronic equipment to the use hazardous substances. This restriction is to prevent selling mercury-containing lead, cadmium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers and chromium (VI) products.  As LED meet this standard, LED Bulbs can be recycled and treated as ordinary bulbs.

The recycling process is to crush and separate  LED light bulbs. The process is as follows: the glass passes a movable magnetic field. In order to remove the LED aluminum and lead, non-ferrous metal separator blasts in the process of crushing glass, guide the metal to a single metal groove. The rest of the glass like aluminum can be made ??into other products. Glass don't need to downgrade because of recycling, it can be reused all the time.The benefits of  LED  recycling  to the environment

While LED itself is environmental protection, but if  correct recycling, the environmental impact will be smaller. A recent study reported that most of the LED lamp containing a high percentage of nickel, colored LED lights contained large amounts of lead. In addition, the arsenic content exceeded. These substances are not only harmful to the environment but also affect human health. Although the LED lights are more friendly than the traditional lamps, but it we can't throw them after using like incandescent bulb.The influence caused by  LED is long-term.  LED also contains a large number of aluminum. It influence just because of the energy and resource when producing. In view of the demand for LED lights in recent years, the recycling of LEDs is more important than to extend the life of the LED ,to make it contunuous usage in the future.

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