The distinction between high-and low-power LED's

Data: 2014-04-07

With the continuous development of LED technology, people adapt to the development of large-area lighting and power growing single LED chip, currently the world's most cutting-edge single LED can already do more than 200W power, although power can do it , but its cost and poor. Below we have several common LED, for example, to do an analysis.

Currently the industry is heavily used single 0.06W power, its maximum brightness can be done 7LM, we do 6LM general terms, if you want the power of 1W, we need to use the same 17 LED, the total brightness of 17 * 6 = 102LM, ie can be 100LM / W, if we use a single-chip power of 1W, the output of the highest achieved brightness 80LM, used is generally about 60LM, which is on a luminance The main difference, we can see that for home use is concerned, we still have to choose a low-power LED is more appropriate.

From the perspective of product cost, high-power LED cost more than the cost of a low-power, which comes from two aspects, one is the cost of the LED itself, the second is to add high-power LED aluminum heat sink, small power as long as the ordinary circuit board, can be achieved with natural cooling requirements.

Future maintenance costs from a product point of view, if we fail in the use of lighting, you can find any electrical repair shop to replace the damaged LED, an LED 0.06W of cost up to a dollar, plus maintenance fees will not exceed $ 5, if it is to replace one of 1W LED, LED will cost $ 8, plus the cost of necessary repairs around $ 15. And relatively speaking, a small power LED market can easily purchase an electronic market that's not necessarily where power can buy.

High-power LED to a mainstream market trends, but also the future development, but also because of technical failure to achieve our desired results, from a technical point of view, it is not suitable for home lighting.

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