Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W High power led
  • Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W High power led
  • Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W High power led
  • Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W High power led

Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W High power led

Product Details:
Product Name: High power led chip
Model Number: MY-HPBR-1WW
Power: 1W/2W/3W
Voltage: 3.0-3.2V/
Current: 350MA/700MA
Color Rendering Index: Ra>80/RA>90/RA=97

Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs/Tray
Chip brand: Bridgelux/Epistar/San’an
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal,Western Union, MoneyGram,Xtransfer

Detailed Introduction


2.External dimensions and equivalent circuit
3.Classification and characteristics
3-1. Absolute maximum rating
3-2. Photoelectric characteristic
3-3.Degradation curve
3-4.(TYP) Characteristic diagram
4. Reliability
4-1. Test items and conditions
4-2. Failure criterion
5.The inspection items and standard defect
6. Warning

1.:Application: decoration, lighting High power1W led.This specification is only applicable to models for imitation lumens are white High power LED 1W
2.:External dimensions and equivalent circuit:

Bridgelux 1W High power led chip 1

Company:mm         Without tolerance indication for all:±0.02mm

3Classification and characteristics:

3-1.Absolute maximum rating

Project Symbol Value Company
Limit power P 1.3 W
Forward current IF 350 mA
DC reverse voltage VR 5 V
Working temperature TOPR -30~+60
Storage temperature TSTG -35~+100
1.  led。
Ultimate power and the forward current refers to the LED light source temperature by use of suitable radiator under maximum setting.
2. led。The initial connection error reverse voltage, beyond what would be possible damage to the High power LED
3. led。Not the same as the temperature (the next page of the corresponding temperature test point) represents a LED light source according to the next page degradation curve corresponding to the data operation.

3-2.Photoelectric characteristic:Tc=25 ℃,IF=350mA

Project MIN TYP MAX Company
The positive DC voltage(VF) 3.0 3.2 3.4 V
Luminous flux(Φ) 120 128 135 lm
Color temperature(CCT) 5000 5200 5500 K
(Ra) 70 71 75

Led Led spectra:

Tc=25 ℃ IF=350mA 5000-5500k

Bridgelux 1W High power led chip 2

3-3.Degradation curve:
Note: in order to keep the temperature below the rated, the need to ensure that adequate heat dissipation performance of radiator

Bridgelux 1W High power led chip 3

1W high power Led Temperature test point:

Bridgelux 1W High power led chip 4

3-4.Characteristic diagram (TYP)

Bridgelux 1W High power led chip 5

Note: this page stated the characteristics of the data for reference only (without the guarantee of data)

4. Reliability:The reliability of the product will meet the following items

4-1. Test items and conditions

Serial number Test item Test conditions Number of samples Failure number
1 High and low temperature impact 25℃(30min)+100℃(30min)→25℃(30min)-35℃(30min),50cycles 10 0
2 High temperature storage +100℃,100h 10 0
3 Low temperature storage -35℃,100h 10 0
4 High temperature and high humidity storage T=+60℃,RH>=90%,100h 10 0
5 High temperature operation T=+80℃,IF=350mA,100h 10 0
6 Low temperature operation T=-30℃,IF=350mA,100h 10 0
7 High temperature high humidity operating T=+60℃,RH>=90%,IF=350mA,100h 10 0

4-2. Failure criterion:

Serial number Parameter Failure criterion
1 LED no radiation

5. The inspection items and standard defect

Serial number Project Negative standard Classified
1 Radiation (LED)Luminescence (LED no optical radiation) Major defect
2 -Electronic and optical properties Is not in conformity with the specifications (forward voltage, flux and color coordinate range) Minor defect
3 Outside dimension With the specified size mismatch (described on page second of the peripheral dimensions and tolerances.)
4 Appearance ,1mmForeign body, scratches or luminous range of diameter 1mm bubble
0.2mm2.5mm Luminous range 0.2mm long 2.5mm
Fiber connection end foreign body
:The substrate edges: exceeds the specified size

6. Warning

Storage conditions: please follow the following conditions:
Open the front: temperature of 5~30 ℃, relative humidity is lower than 60%.(open High power LED should be within 15 days of use.)

Open: temperature of 5~30 ℃, relative humidity is lower than 60%.(24 hours of soldering)
After opening the High power LED should be placed in the waterproof alumina absorbing packaging materials (silica gel)
Avoid contact with corrosive gases, such as exposure, electrode surface will be damaged, can affect the soldering.

Conditions of use: This product design is not directed against any of the following conditions
As in any of the following conditions using the product, please determine its normal performance and reliability.

Wet with dew, frost, salt air, corrosive gas in place (C1, H2S, NH3, SO2, NOX, etc.)
Exposure to the sun, outdoor exposure, dusty place.Water, oil, medical liquids and organic solvents

Cooling: if High power LED light using beyond a specified forward current, can damage the 1W High power LED inside the chip or or burned black phenomenon.

Please use the appropriate body, in order to avoid High power LED memory in too much heat.
Installation: installation error, there will be a short crack sheet or high temperature cooling bad etc.Please pay special attention to installation method.For more information please refer to the following matters needing attention in installation:

Heat conducting glue, plastic or special connectors mounted radiator.Such as using only the thermal conductivity of plastic or rubber, please check before installation effectiveness and reliability.Led because of heat and quench, abnormal temperature increase may lead to terrible consequences, including the equipment damage, solder drop and the phenomena of smoking.

When 1W High power LED is mechanically mounted, attention due to withstand the pressure and failure.Avoid the use of flat plate.
Suggest using highly heat bonded to the plate in order to effectively dissipate heat.
Please in the early and long-term attention bonding plate color change effect, because of back reflection changes induced by light emitted and the color of the light.

ledLed tension
LED surface is limited by the mechanical tension.The High power LED outer lens applied pressure causes colloidal and internal damage.No pressure on the surface of the lens component.

A:  PC
Connection method: such as the use of welding method, please according to the following methods:
The use of anti-static automatic constant temperature soldering iron (the highest temperature is 380 ℃) welding, each place not more than 3 seconds.In the entire pad full welding, solder to full.
Avoid using solder touches the lens portion * this product is not suitable for reflow soldering
*Please smooth soldered to each electrode
*Please avoid contact colloid generated instability phenomenon
*Reflow soldering:   Compatible with infrared and vapor phase reflow solder process
Electrostatic: This product is sensitive to static electricity, please take measures to deal with, if necessary please install protective circuit.

Starting method
When the 1W High power LED when in working, no reverse voltage can not be applied to High power LED.
When not working any backward and forward voltage can not be applied in the module.
Energy supply recommended the use of constant current driver.

Lens surface impurities as far as possible with a soft cloth wipe, avoid scratch the lens, if necessary, cleaning, use a soft cloth dipped volatile alcohol cleaning.

If there is excessive current, there will be serious consequences such as: abnormal temperature, smoke, fire, careful handling of excessive current and voltage
As with welding connection method, may cause thermal damage, please use caution to prevent contact wire, caused by short circuit or leakage.
Please ensure that the use of the equipment to comply with the national safety standards and regulations.
Users in the operation which view the work in the 1W High power LED should wear glasses, and don't open High power LED , in addition, the operator should not watch from LED reflected light for more than 60 seconds.

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