San’an chip 65-70LM 3V 0.5W 5730 smd led chip
  • San’an chip 65-70LM 3V 0.5W 5730 smd led chip
  • San’an chip 65-70LM 3V 0.5W 5730 smd led chip
  • San’an chip 65-70LM 3V 0.5W 5730 smd led chip

San’an chip 65-70LM 3V 0.5W 5730 smd led chip

Product Details:
Product Name: 0.5W 5730 SMD led
Model Number: MY-SMD5730-0.5WW
Power: 0.5W
Voltage: 3.0-3.2V
Current: 150MA
Color Rendering Index: Ra>80/RA>90/RA=97

Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Anti-Static packaging 4Kpcs/reel
Chip brand: Bridgelux/Epistar/San’an
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal,Western Union, MoneyGram,Xtransfer

Detailed Introduction


Small package with high efficiency
Low voltage operation, Instant light
Long operation life
Lead free product
RoHS compliant RoHS


Traditional lighting replacement
Ordinary lighting
Indoor&Outdoor sign board back light
Architectural / Decorative Lighting

Package Dimensions

1. All dimensions are in mm 。
2. Tolerance is ±0.15mm unless otherwise noted. ,±0.15 。

Cool white 0.5W 5730 smd led chip 1

Product coding rules

Cool white 0.5W 5730 smd led chip 2

Electro Optical Characteristics (TA=25℃)

Parameter Test Condition Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Forward Voltage IF=150mA VF 2.8 --- 3.4 V
Reverse Current VR=-5V IR --- --- 10 μA
View Angle IF=150mA 2θ1/2 --- 120 --- deg.
Electrostatic Discharge HBM ESD --- --- 2000 V
Color tolerance IF=150mA SDCM --- --- 5 ---

Absolute Maximum Ratings (TA=25℃)

Parameter Symbol Rating Unit
Forward Current IF 150 mA
Pulse Forward Current  *1 IFP 225 mA
Power Dissipation PO 500 mW
Reverse voltage VR 5 V
Work pin temperature  *2 Topr -40 to +105
Storage Temperature Range Tstg -40 to +85
Junction Temperature Tj 125
Soldering Temperature Tsld 260℃ for 10sec

NOTE1:Frequency 10KHz, duty ratio ≤10% 10KHz ,≤10%
NOTE2:The maximum allowable temperature of the pin depends on the current value applied to LED, and the reference chart of “forward current and pin temperature”is required.
LED ,“”。

Mass Production List (IF=150mA;TA=25℃)

Part NO. Color ( ) () ( ) ()
Rendering CCT K CCT Φ lm
index CCT  K K lm Φ
Min Typ Max Min Max
9.5730W1V21F_J04 80 6500 65 75
9.5730W1V21F_J04 80 5700 65 75
9.5730W1V21F_J04 80 5000 65 75
9.5730W2V21F_J04 80 4000 65 75
9.5730W3V21F_J04 80 3500 65 75
9.5730W3V21F_J04 80 3000 60 70
9.5730W3V21F_J04 80 2700 60 70

Note: The test error
VF: ±3%    XY : ±0.005    Φ : ±10%    Ra:-1+8

Typical Electrical/Optical Characteristic Curves(IF=150mA;TA=25℃)

Cool white 0.5W 5730 smd led chip 3

CIE Chromaticity Diagram:(IF=150mA;TA=25℃) CIE

Cool white 0.5W 5730 smd led chip 4

Color Rank :(IF=150mA;TA=25℃) Bin

0.461 0.43
R27 2700K 0.452 0.41
0.465 0.41
0.474 0.43
0.4082 0.4055
R35 3500K 0.3956 0.383
0.4101 0.383
0.4223 0.4055
0.344 0.368
W50 5000K 0.336 0.348
0.3475 0.349
0.356 0.369
0.4378 0.413
R30 3000K 0.428 0.3935
0.4425 0.3935
0.4519 0.413
0.3793 0.391
Y40 4000K 0.3674 0.3695
0.3808 0.3695
0.3926 0.391
0.314 0.347
W65 6500K 0.3045 0.331
0.3119 0.327
0.3215 0.343

CIE Chromaticity Diagram:(IF=150mA;TA=25℃) CIE

Cool white 0.5W 5730 smd led chip 5

Color Rank :(IF=150mA;TA=25℃) Bin

0.4595 0.4223
A27 2700K 0.4481 0.4051
0.4561 0.3979
0.4675 0.4151
0.4107 0.4052
A35 3500K 0.3959 0.3854
0.4039 0.3782
0.4187 0.3980
0.3649 0.3796
A45 4500K 0.3493 0.3592
0.3573 0.3520
0.3729 0.3724
0.3310 0.3541
A57 5700K 0.3192 0.3357
0.3264 0.3293
0.3382 0.3477
0.4365 0.4155
A30 3000K 0.4231 0.3977
0.4311 0.3905
0.4445 0.4083
0.3854 0.3932
A40 4000K 0.3702 0.3734
0.3782 0.3662
0.3934 0.3860
0.3470 0.3677
A50 5000K 0.3352 0.3493
0.3424 0.3429
0.3542 0.3613
0.3142 0.3381
A65 6500K 0.3044 0.3235
0.3104 0.3183
0.3202 0.3329

Packaging Specifications

Dimensions of Tape

Cool white 0.5W 5730 smd led chip 6

Dimensions of Reel

Cool white 0.5W 5730 smd led chip 7

Packaging  specifications

Cool white 0.5W 5730 smd led chip 8

SMT Reflow Soldering Instructions SMT

Cool white 0.5W 5730 smd led chip 9

1.Reflow soldering should not be done more than two times.
2.When welding, the material is heated and can not press the surface of the colloid.


1,The encapsulated material of the 5730 smd LEDs is silicone ,so the surface of 5730 smd LED colloid is softer, forcing the colloid surface hard will affect the reliability of LED.

2,Material confirmation. Whether the LED Bin specifications of the material are consistent , such as whether VF, XY, brightness and so on belong to the same specification, the same specification should be used together, if not the same specification 5730 LED is applied to the same object, it should be evaluated first, (if different VF or XY cast together may produce difference in brightness or color).

2、。 LED Bin , VF、XY、 LED ,( VF XY )

3,Packaging and storage

3.1 Before opening packaging, avoid moisture entry into LED. 5730 SMD series LED is suggested to be stored in a drying cabinet with built-in desiccant. The storage environment is 5-30 centigrade, no more than 50% humidity. If storage time is over 3 months, LED needs to be re dehumidifying (65 degrees centigrade for more than /24 hours).

3.2 Open the precautions after packing. LED is a surface mount. When the 5730 smd LED is welded, the internal separation of 5730 LED may occur. The luminescence efficiency is affected and the luminance decreases or the color variation. The following are the matters to be paid attention to:

A,After opening the package, welding should be completed as soon as possible (within 12 hours).

B,The remaining materials are sealed or placed in an environment of 5~40 C and no more than 30% humidity.

C,If the open package is more than 24 hours (< 168 hours) or the humidity card is changed from blue to pink, LED needs to be dehumidifying again (65 degrees centigrade for more than /24 hours). If the package is opened for more than 168 hours, it is necessary to dismantle the tape and remove the moisture at 150℃ /2h.

3.3,5730 smd LED electrode and bracket are made of silver plated copper alloy. The silver layer on the surface is easy to be affected by corrosive gases. Please avoid contacting with corrosive environment to cause 5730 LED discoloration, so as to avoid the poor weldability of LED and influence the photoelectric performance. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity of the environment, especially under high humidity environment, easy to produce water vapor condensation.

4,Electrostatic protection. 5730 smd LED is a chip sensitive electronic component. Various measures should be taken to avoid static electricity, such as wearing an electrostatic bracelet or anti-static gloves during use. All devices, equipment and instruments should be well grounded.

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